Magnolia Pearl | Aurora Belle Blouse | Antique White

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The Aurora Blouse - in Antique White - is made of cotton tulle with pin tucks, cotton lace details, crochet trims and antique hooks.  This lovely blouse can be paired with jeans or shorts for a gorgeously casual look or dressed up with evening pants or an elegant skirt.  This blouse can also be worn with the lace panel to the front or to the back - as can be seen in our photos. In the first photograph our model is wearing the blouse with the lace at the front, and in the second photo she is wearing it with the antique hooks at the front. The third photo shows how lovely the lacey front looks worn to the back.  Both ways are gorgeous but both have quite a different vibe - giving you two beautiful blouses for the price of one. Magnolia Pearl Clothing is ONE SIZE FITS ALL 

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