Gado Gado | Long-sleeved embroidered cotton lace dress

Gado Gado | Long-sleeved embroidered cotton lace dress

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A gorgeously unique vintage-style cotton lace dress designed by Magriet Wagenaar of Gado Gado. This lovely dress - with its drawstring neckline and its long ruffled sleeves - is lavishly embellished with embroidery, pintucks, lace, contrasting fabric panels and ruffles evoking all the romance and femininity of an earlier era. You could wear this lovely piece alone, with bare legs and jandals for a beachy boho vibe, or you could wear it layered over a ruffled petticoat or skirt for a more full-on romantic look. You could also grunge it up with battered leather boots and a denim jacket. Any way you choose to wear it you can be sure you'll look fabulous.

Margriet Wagenaar is a a Dutch designer based in the Netherlands who specialises in vintage look, Mediterranean style clothing with a bohemian vibe. The clothing is manufactured in India, China and Indonesia.

After 5 years of fashion school in Amsterdam Margriet moved to Ibiza with her sewing machine. She started by selling her own designs of bikinis on the beach! From there her designs went on to be sold in boutiques and in discotheques. After 15 successful years in Ibiza Margriet moved to Bali Indonesia, where she began her own clothing label, Gado Gado. The brand became quite famous for its sequined bustier’s and bra's.

After visits to India Margriet then became inspired by the culture and wonderful workmanship and started manufacturing her clothing there.

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