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The Tangier is an elegant sandal with a flat heel, a lace-up brogue style front with an open toe, and a strap around the heel.  

Made in Morocco using rafia sourced from Madagascar these beautiful shoes are created by a team of highly skilled female artisans who perfectly sculpt each pair using careful precise movements to create a combination of intricate weaves. These talented artisans work with patient, old-fashioned movements, creating styles that are always new, but reflect a sense of timeless tradition. A single pair can take 2 to 3 days to construct and because they are made by hand - not by machine -  each pair of shoes is exquisitely unique. Their hand-crafted nature also limits the number of pairs on offer each season, making every making every pair all the more special.

These shoes are wonderful to wear - because they're made from all natural materials they breathe beautifully, they don’t seem to get dirty and they mould themselves perfectly to the contours of your feet. They look gorgeous with almost anything  - from formal, to casual -  to the beach and back.  And they last for years, and years and years . . . 

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IMPORTANT NOTE TO ALL OUR ONLINE CUSTOMERS: Because Cosi Fan Tutte is first-and-foremost a real-life retail store all of the products we have for sale online will also be for sale in our stores. This means that every now and again an item may be sold in-store between the time one of our online customers clicks 'Buy' and the time when our Website Manager is notified to remove a product for sale online and we may be in a position of having to let you know that the item you 'bought' is no longer available. We will - of course - refund you for your purchase immediately and cross our fingers very hard that you will forgive us and return to shop with us online another day. This caveat applies mostly to one-off products like Donelle Scott's Lace clothing and to products that we source from overseas - such as Rafia Chic Shoes. Most other products we will be able to source relatively quickly even if they have sold out of both of our shops.  Thank you so much for visiting Cosi Fan Tutte's website  - Andrea & the Cosi Team xx

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