About Us - The Cosi Fan Tutte Story

Let the beauty you love
 be what you do

                            Kahil Gibran

Once upon a time a girl named Andrea dreamed a dream about creating a sanctuary of sensory bliss. A place that lifts the spirit, touches the soul and inspires you to embrace your creative destiny ..... to live your own dream.   Cosi Fan Tutte is the realisation of Andrea's dream. It is an emporium of delights .... a slightly surreal arrangement of beautiful objects .......  inspired by fairytales and exotic lands.   Cosi Fan Tutte is a mysterious alchemy ....... revealing ideas in process.  Like life Cosi is never at a standstill ..... it is an ever-changing collage of textures and colours ....... evoking the wistful sense of an exquisite existence.  Cosi Fan Tutte is a sumptuous array .... a visual delight ....... effervescent & flighty.  Cosi Fan Tutte is  a comic opera  ......  a treat for the senses ..... a balm for the soul ......  Cosi Fan Tutte .... a dream come true ....



Cosi Fan Tutte (a name inspired by Mozart's comic opera) began life in at 95 Dyers Pass Road in Cashmere, Christchurch - a small and very English city in New Zealand - over a decade ago.  It began on a whim and a prayer from a girl called Andrea,  with the help of a very supportive family. Sitting at 'The Cup' - a lovely cafe in Christchurch's Port Hills -  and seeing a sign in the window of the shop across the road saying "for lease" there were no second thoughts and no stopping Andrea from leaping headlong into a new venture . . . and a new life. 

Andrea's love of creating photographic images turned into a passion for creating shop tableaus and displays which, combined with a life long love of travel and searching for vintage treasures, meant that Cosi has been the perfect outlet for all of her life's loves. The beautiful people who Andrea has crossed paths with through Cosi Fan Tutte remind Andrea every day just how special the shop is.

Andrea's most fervent wish is that her beautiful Cosi Fan Tutte brings you as much joy as it brings her.



Cosi soon grew out of the tiny space at 95 Dyers Pass Road and made the move to the bustling, bohemian High Street in Central Christchurch. Soon Cosi was becoming so popular that Andrea decided to open a second Cosi Fan Tutte - this time in the charming seaside village of Sumner. Eventually Andrea decided to consolidate Cosi into one large shop in Sumner which quickly gained a dedicated following. People flocked to the gorgeous Sumner Cosi from miles around and the shop was going from strength to strength when the 2011 Christchurch earthquake struck. The quake destroyed Cosi's lovely Sumner home and forced Cosi to move yet again, this time around the corner into a gorgeous old wooden building at 55 Nayland Street. 

Sadly eventually the earthquakes and their aftermath took their toll on the Sumner Cosi and in 2014  Andrea was forced to make the very difficult decision to close the store.  The memories of Andrea and her Sumner team of their dear little store in Sumner, and of their lovely customers, are very fond. The cheering thought that helped the Cosi Team through the closing of the Sumner store was that in 2013 Andrea had taken the plunge and opened a second Christchurch Cosi Fan Tutte at the new Tannery Boutique Retail and Arts Emporium. The Tannery is a unique and beautiful complex that is a perfect fit for Cosi. The Tannery Cosi is fast becoming as loved as its Sumner predecessor - it is truly a sumptuous haven of delights and a total treat for the senses.  


In November 2010 - leaving her Christchurch Cosi's in the capable hands of the Christchurch Cosi Angels, Andrea made the big move up to Auckland.  She leased a building in Calliope Road, Devonport - originally the milk depot for farmers the area - and Cosi Fan Tutte in Auckland was opened with much jubilation. Andrea's longtime friend Lise was the best gift of all. She joined Andrea wholeheartedly in making the Devonport Cosi a welcoming destination. In 2013 the Devonport Cosi shifted from Calliope Road to it's current site at 73 Victoria Road.  The shop is now much bigger but it still has the same gorgeous Cosi vibe and it fits in so perfectly with the bustling high-street ambience of the gorgeous seaside village of Devonport. 


Cosi Fan Tutte is truly Andrea's dream come true. Both the Devonport and the Tannery stores are emporiums of delight where as soon as you walk through the door you will find yourself embraced by delicious scents, lulled by beautiful sounds and where everywhere you look you will see gorgeous things that will inspire and excite you, thrill and delight you. Cosi Fan Tutte is more than just a shop - it is a place that will make your heart sing.

About Us

Cosi Fan Tutte is a sanctuary of sensory bliss that lifts the spirit, touches the soul & inspires you to embrace your creative destiny - to live your dream. Cosi Fan Tutte is an emporium of beautiful objects from all over the world, an ever-changing collage of ideas, textures and colours - effervescent and flighty. Cosi Fan Tutte is a sumptuous array of delights - evoking the wistful sense of an exquisite existence. Cosi Fan Tutte - an operatic confection of surpassing beauty. Cosi Fan Tutte - every woman’s tempting dream.